This is a website template that's free to use. It's based on my website's design, which is itself inspired by 70s computer interfaces, and the name is inspired by LM-LINK and SEVASTOLINK, the terminal systems in Alien: Isolation.

CC-LINK is entirely made in HTML and CSS. Its code is extensively commented and should be easy to figure out even for complete beginners.

Please let me know if you end up using the template, or if you run into any problems with it, or if you have any feedback.

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Current version: 1.1 / See changes: Version Notes


You can see live examples of these features and how to use them in the documentation.

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly design that looks good and comfortable on all devices
  • Easily customisable colours, fonts, background images, and layout using CSS variables
  • Elegant paragraph/image layouts
  • 'Preview frame' for linking subpages or other 'fancy' links
  • Simple image grids
  • Lists, lists, lists:
    • Regular ol' lists.
    • Arrow list. Like this one!
    • To-do list. Useful!
    • And you can tick 'em off, too!
  • 2 base themes for different flavours of the template


Extra code to check out and include if you find them useful. Check out the snippets page for how to add them!

  • colour palettes for the template
  • status.cafe widget
  • stylesheet for HTML comment box