Hello! I'm cc and this is my personal website: my little home away from social media for my art, my fics, and my many miscellaneous interests.

This website is still under construction, but it is hand-coded from scratch by myself, and you should be able to navigate it smoothly regardless of screen type or size.

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18+ content statement


Latest Update


First update in a month! I've considerably slowed down with progress on this website because I'm really busy with regular life stuff, but here are some updates.

  • It was my birthday last week, and I totally forgot to update my age everywhere... I'm 29 now.
  • I've made a thoughts.page account!
  • Links no longer open in a new tab by default. This is for accessibility reasons, it turns out my "I always open links in a new tab so surely everyone else does" instinct was wrong, and you should be giving people a choice on whether they actually want to open links in a new tab! You can read more about this in this little article from css-tricks.com.
  • Cosmetic fixes here and there.

See website devlog here.


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