Hello! I'm cc and this is my personal website: my little home away from social media for my art, my fics, and my many miscellaneous interests.

This website is still under construction, but it is hand-coded from scratch by myself, and you should be able to navigate it smoothly regardless of screen type or size.

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18+ content statement


Latest Update


Little update post! I've been meaning to add these a month ago then a bunch of things happened and I was AFK for a bit.

I'm excited to make new pages for this website, I feel like my motivation is coming back to me which is nice. I've always been bad at maintaining things long term so it's nice that despite being less frequent than last year, I can still update this website and not feel bad about my own sporadicness.

  • I updated my old Dunkin Donuts rip-off logo button! The old one was wonky and a bit boring and I kinda hated it lol. Now I like both of my buttons! If you have me linked on your website with that button, please update it!
  • Added a button featuring the Aboriginal flag on my index page!
  • Made two versions of the button available on my buttons page. Feel free to use these, especially if you live in so-called Australia like me. :)

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