Little update post! I've been meaning to add these a month ago then a bunch of things happened and I was AFK for a bit.

I'm excited to make new pages for this website, I feel like my motivation is coming back to me which is nice. I've always been bad at maintaining things long term so it's nice that despite being less frequent than last year, I can still update this website and not feel bad about my own sporadicness.

  • I updated my old Dunkin Donuts rip-off logo button! The old one was wonky and a bit boring and I kinda hated it lol. Now I like both of my buttons! If you have me linked on your website with that button, please update it!
  • Added a button featuring the Aboriginal flag on my index page!
  • Made two versions of the button available on my buttons page. Feel free to use these, especially if you live in so-called Australia like me. :)


Hello! It's been a while. Still busy with regular end-of-year quarter stuff which means I'll probably be mostly AFK with site updates until the new year.

I really do want to write my manifesto and start really working on that fanfic/story website template I've been idly working on earlier this year so I think those are going to be my priorities when I get back to this. :)

  • Added a button on my homepage as a small token of visible support for the Palestinian people, their resilience against genocide, and their unconditional right to peace and self-determination. I got the button from hillhouse (and there's more buttons and resources on her page, please take a look!)
  • On that note, please if you can, show up to actions IRL whether it's protests and marches, or other forms of direct action like blockades or calling your representatives to call for a full ceasefire. It's frustrating how many cowards we have in government all across the western world, but pressure works. Solidarity works.
  • Stay safe, and happy December!


First update in a month! I've considerably slowed down with progress on this website because I'm really busy with regular life stuff, but here are some updates.

  • It was my birthday last week, and I totally forgot to update my age everywhere... I'm 29 now.
  • I've made a thoughts.page account!
  • Links no longer open in a new tab by default. This is for accessibility reasons, it turns out my "I always open links in a new tab so surely everyone else does" instinct was wrong, and you should be giving people a choice on whether they actually want to open links in a new tab! You can read more about this on this little article from css-tricks.com.
  • Cosmetic fixes here and there.


Big update!


A series of quick-fixes while I work on my friends page...

  • Redid the little arrow after my section links. I previously used a glyph which turned out to be a bit confusing when I did a test with a screen reader. It's visually very similar to the old one now but should be screen reader-friendly.
  • Fixed a typo, I hope no one noticed where it was.
  • Re-organised my Webmastery page. Added a few things to it too.
  • Added stuff to my big ol' to-do list.


  • Made a new website button! I think this is my best one yet. Check it out on my sidebar!
  • I'm working on my friends page... I'm trying to figure out how I want to display all this Information and I also need to get consent from my non-website-having friends to link to their social media profiles etc so this one may take a few days.
  • I suppose I could just post what I have already wrt the friends page... we'll see how I go :)


It's September! I'm now getting a little busier with work so I'm not going to be updating this site every few days like I did before but that's OK! I'm still making little changes whenever I have the time.

Speaking of changes...

  • Added a link to my Neocities profile in the footer.
  • Tweaked the light mode theme, for fun.
  • Other minor typography changes here and there.


  • Significant redesign of the website under the hood. Visually I think pretty much only the header font looks different (and easier to deal with than an expanded font that loves to overflow on mobile view lol), but I changed a bunch of stuff in the code for more coherence... Mostly for my eyes only.
  • Haven't had the time lately to tackle the rest of my to-do list but up next is the friends page!
  • Could make a general outlinks page but it all depends on how much I end up having on my hands... we'll see.



  • Updated CC-LINK to v1.1! Also made an itch.io page for easier downloads and devlogs.
  • Added alt text for all the images in my galleries!
  • Still need to do the stuff in my previous To Do list... it will be done soon.


  • Reshuffled my homepage to add a section with webrings widgets there and not in the sidebar...
  • ...but I did add buttons in my sidebar! This makes life easier for me while still looking cool.
  • Added alt text to all images in my main pages.
  • Modified the styling of my guestbook comments a little bit.

/ TO DO: /

  • I think I want to make at least a WIP fanfiction page. I'm making a Thing so you can actually read them on my website, but for now just links to AO3 might be good enough.
  • I want to make my friends page... my pal Dutch made one and I'm probably going to base mine off his.
  • Add alt text to images in my fanart gallery.


I took a bit of a break after releasing CC-LINK, but work on this website continues!

  • Added a button toggle for Dark/Light mode! I already had functional code for it that I used elsewhere so I figured I might as well use it here too.
  • I joined the Autists Online webring and have added a widget linking to it on my sidebar! I might reshuffle the placement of my webring section to be on a special page, and maybe have a list of webrings/directories I'm part of on my homepage just to make things easier for myself.


  • I made a website template! It's called CC-LINK and it's based on this very website's design. I learned a lot while making it and I'm hoping it's useful to people.
  • Added a webmastery page! I'll be adding more stuff on there as I go.


  • added a favicon and re-did my website button!


  • Added gallery pages! You can access both of them through the Fanart page.
  • The sidebar on all pages aside from the homepage are inserted through a JS script now, which saves me from copy-pasting the sidebar every time I make a slight change. I may change this back when everything's more "set" but for now this works.
  • More sneaky CSS tweaks...

/ TO DO: /

  • first on the list is a Webmastery page
  • second is a template based on this website!


  • Sneaky CSS tweaks. No one should notice these if I'm doing my job right.
  • Added a self-indulgent section to my about page.
  • Added a Big Ol' To Do List to my updates page.
  • Still working on all the previous to-do's... first priority is the image gallery.


Thank you so much to everyone who posted something nice in my guestbook!

  • Fixed various UI inconsistencies that appear only on Safari/iOS.
  • Added 88x31 button on sidebar. Let me know if you add it on your website!
  • Updated credits page to include references to status.cafe and HTML comment box.

/ TO DO: /

  • currently working on gallery pages for my art!
  • basic webmastery page to help spread the love of making your own website >:)


Website is live! I still have a lot to do, but the bare minimum pages are in, and I've got a pretty solid design system here.

/ TO DO: /

  • finish formatting the guestbook
  • make sure everything is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • gather stamps for a potential stamps page
  • join webrings
  • *draw the rest of the fuckin owl voice* make the rest of the pages


  • manifesto
  • webmastery page
    • cool things online
    • snippets
      • ao3 workskin
      • HTML comment box customisation
  • fanfiction page using neotome prototype
    • hub page
    • upload all fics
  • templates page
    • template based on my website
    • neotome - html-based template for stories/fics
  • shrines hub page
    • sniperscout shrine
    • majima shrine
    • daigo shrine
  • friends page
    • get permission from my friends to link their sites/socmed profiles >:)
  • stamps for potential stamps page
  • join webrings
  • guestbook formatting
  • mobile-friendly optimisation
  • art gallery pages
    • image grid structure
    • upload all art