Frequently Asked Questions

At the time of writing this no one's actually asked me anything but I'm anticipating some and I also think these are useful to know.

How do I make the borders' corners rounded?

Border corners are rounded by using the CSS border-radius property.

border-radius only makes itself visible if the element you're modifying has a background or a border.

In the CC-SOFT theme, there is a --borderRadius setting in the :root selector, which you can change to be less rounded if you want.

How do I change the fonts?

If you're using Google Fonts or another web font provider that doesn't require you to download the fonts to your computer: Follow their instructions, and then change the relevant value in /* fonts */ settings in the :root selector.

If you're self-hosting your fonts: include your fonts in the CSS stylesheet using the @font-face rule, and then change the relevant value in /* fonts */ settings in the :root selector.

Do I have to credit you?

I can't stop you from not crediting me, but it'd be rude not to. You don't have to leave my watermark in the footer if you don't want to, as long as you credit me elsewhere.

Troubleshooting checklist

Is something not working or showing properly? Make sure you're not overlooking something small yet sometimes hard to notice using this non-exhaustive checklist:

  • General: Are there any misspellings in your code?
  • HTML: Did you miss any closing tags? e.g. </div> or </p>
  • HTML and CSS: Did you link your stylesheets, images, and fonts properly?
  • CSS: Did you make sure there is a semi-colon (;) after all your values? e.g. color: red;
  • CSS: Did you make sure your selector properties are contained in curly braces {}?