Base Themes


Default CC-LINK design. Simple and utilitarian.

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A "soft" version of the template with rounded corners.

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Current version: 1.1 / See changes: Version Notes

You can check out the colour palettes if you want palette inspirations for your site!


Once downloaded, upload the contents onto your Neocities. You may need to re-write the index.html or any other pages if you're not starting from scratch... I'm sure you'll do fine.

For how to use the template, please read the <!--comments--> in the html files, and check out the manual!

Template contents:

No matter which base theme you choose, each .zip files contains everything you need to make your website.

  • main folder
    • /css folder
      • style.css - main stylesheet
    • /fonts folder
      • DM Mono - Default text font
      • w95fa - Default headings font
    • /img folder
      • Sample images for Gallery example
    • index.html - this is your homepage
    • about.html - an example 'about' page
    • gallery.html - an example gallery page
    • sitemap.html - an example sitemap
    • styleguide.html - a style reference

Version Notes

v.1.1 - 21.08.2023

  • Fixed the way the "flex-column" shows up on mobile. It now collapses into a column view like it should.