I've been coding for a while! I feel like I've always been vaguely familiar with HTML, being of the generation that knew the early days of extremely customisable websites... but I think I only fairly recently started getting really into it.

I love learning new things, and coding is one of those things that keep throwing new problems to solve at you so it matches the way my brain works a lot.

Anyway, here are some resources I find helpful/cool! I'll be adding stuff in here as I discover/remember more.

Learning Resources

  • W3 schools is one of the best resources for learning basics of web development. I still frequently check it out for references and specific tutorials, or when I just need a refresher.
  • I look at mdn web docs for reference very often as well! It's thorough and detailed. I just Google stuff a lot and when I see a "developer.mozilla.org" link I click it.


  • randoma11y is a cool website for finding colour combinations that are stylish and accessible.


Websites for your website

  • status.cafe is where I post the micro-updates you see on my homepage. Love that so many people on there have neocities webpages.
  • I use HTML Comment Box for my guestbook. It's a bit of a pain to customise the CSS... but it's possible!
  • bearblog.dev is a simple blogging platform. It's got a social/discovery-friendly aspect that Zonelets doesn't have, so depending on what you're looking to do with your blog this could be a cool option.

templates and snippets

  • I made a full website template, which you can use for free!