Featured on this page are people I got to know over the years as an active participant in fandom and on Neocities. 'Friends' is mostly a loose term here, but I hope it reflects the sense of community that I get from sharing an online space with the following people.

Neocities neighbours

My mutuals on Neocities! These buttons are displayed in alphabetical order and the few of these that have a yellow box shadow are gifs that play on hover if you press the "Play GIFs on hover" button.

I try to update this list as often as I can! Feel free to reach out to me on my profile or by email if you want your button updated with new info or removed.

Friends elsewhere

Coming soon!

Dutch Absolute legend. I linked his website on my neighbours section but I want to highlight Dutch's fanfiction: TF2 Medic and Sniper romance in a really lavish literary style... what's not to love?
Bee My fellow hater, Red Sox fan, and music enjoyer... Beyond her general Good Taste, Bee is also an incredible artist who's got a great eye for cool composition and moody vibes in a painterly style.
Ali Ali is easily my favourite SniperScout writer and a constant inspiration for me. Their classic Golden Brown is well worth a read.
Aoki Aoki is a long-time friend of mine. Even though we operate in completely different fandom circles, we've got very similar tastes and I always love talking to them. Also their art is to die for.
Slim If you want really good TF2 fanart, look no further than Slimsnipes' art. Obviously I love that they draw a lot of SniperScout, but I love how they draw virtually any pairing. It rocks.