I started writing fanfiction at the ripe age of... 26.

I got into writing fanfiction because there are specific scenarios, scenes, and character interpretations I need to exist and the urge to make those Exist was all-consuming and I just decided to take matters into my own hands.

I've been mostly specialising in writing explicit fics. I enjoy the occasional Rated General fic if it's well-written but I just think exploring characterisation through smut is fun and neat. And hot!

I also think the more restrictive audience of Just Adults is easier and more comfortable to write for somehow.

The fics featured in this page link to Ao3, but I'm working on a template for featuring fics on your own website and I'm hoping to get that done soon!

18+ warning

All of my fanfiction so far is NSFW!

By clicking the [SHOW] EXPLICIT FICS button below, you agree that you are an adult and consent to viewing and reading explicit content.

18+ warning

Explicit Fics

Scout x Sniper

Here are my fics of Scount and Sniper having hot sex and being very repressed about their feelings!

Boston Cream Poster

Boston Cream

Explicit M/M Top Sniper

Contains: Friends With Benefits, Pining, Consensual Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Anal Sex, Rimming, Acutely Emotionally Repressed Sniper

Sniper comes back to the base after a few weeks on a contract and finds that Scout missed him. A lot. Scout wears his affectionate heart on his sleeves, but unfortunately for both of them, Sniper is extremely emotionally repressed.

Rising In The Distance series ↓

Reversal Poster


Explicit M/M Top Sniper

Contains: Hot Sex!, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Come Eating, Praise Kink, Mutual Pining

Scout's hubris seems to lead him to the strangest places.

Reverence Poster


Explicit M/M Solo

Contains: Solo Scout Masturbation, Sexual Fantasies, Pining, Repression, Praise Kink, Catholic Guilt

Scout can't find any sleep. What he does have: Sniper's dirty shirt and a vivid imagination.

Naturally, he indulges in some fantasies.