I draw fanart! I've been arguably drawing from a very young age but I never had formal training and I wasn't really serious about it.

I quit drawing for a few years around 2018, after I grew frustrated with my skills, and put my energy in learning other things—namely game making and coding, ha—and only recently just started drawing again after re-examining my own relationship with drawing and deciding to start again with a more healthy mindset.

The thing that re-ignited my motivation to draw again is fanart, somehow! I just needed to draw my favourite guys kissing I guess.

All of my fanart is SFW! There is some very mildly suggestive art, and/or partial nudity featured on here, but you won't see any explicit sexual content in these galleries.


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A drawing of Scout from TF2


My beloved...I've been drawing TF2 fanart since late-2021! A lot of the art featured in this gallery is Scout x Sniper because that's... my OTP.

A drawing of Majima from the Yakuza series


My 'newer' fandom! Haven't had the chance to draw a lot of these guys, but whenever I do I feel like I'm always outdoing myself. I wonder why...